Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your cats and kittens come from?
They come from everywhere! Some are strays that find their ways to us through friends, neighbors, and others. Some come from animal shelters, often when their time is nearly up. Some are given up by owners who can no longer keep them. Others find their ways to our doors - somehow they know where we live!

What vet care do they receive before they are adopted?
We test for Feline Leukemia and FIV before the cats are placed in a foster home with other cats. The cats receive rabies and distemper combination (FCVRP) vaccinations, are dewormed, and receive any other neccesary treatment for upper respiratory infections, fleas, etc. Cats are spayed or neutered if not already altered. Kittens receive shots and treatment according to their age (distemper at 2 months, rabies at 4 months, spay/neuter at 6 months).

What happens if the adoption doesn't work out?
We recognize that the chemistry among cats and other cats, dogs, and people is hard to predict. So if the cat is clearly not going to work out, we will take him or her back. In addition, we require that any animals adopted from P.A.W. be returned to us if, for any reason, the adoptive family can no longer keep the dog or cat.

Once I have adopted the cat, am I on my own?
Not at all. We have several experienced volunteers who can help you with everything from the choice of food or litter, to handling difficult behavioral problems. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions or problems (preferably before the problem becomes a major one!).

Where does all the money go?
All the money, except for a small amount used to advertise our shows, goes to pay for the veterinary care that our animals receive. Some of the dogs and cats come to us with illnesses and injuries that require extensive treatment. Recent examples include dogs with heartworm, a cat with a broken pelvis, and a cat with an amputated tail. Nearly all need vaccinations, spay or neuter, or other care. Last year we spent about $30,000 on vet care.


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