To meet Constantine,

Constantine, a medium-hair tuxedo, is a curious, energetic, fearless and mischievous 2-year old. He loves attention and to sit in your lap or curl up next to you and to be petted. Once he adopts you, he sticks to you like glue and is (literally) generally underfoot. He also loves to run and to play, but sometimes his play is a little too vigorous for the other older resident cats.

Constantine wants to be the 'alpha-cat' and would probably be happy as an only cat or with other young cats. If he is the only cat in the household, Constantine would likely be demanding of much attention. He is excellent when gently handled, but probably not an ideal candidate for a household with small children as he quickly wants to escape if he feels trapped or when play becomes too rough.

If you are interested in meeting Constantine, please contact

Constantine Constantine

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