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 To meet Cowboy,

Cowboy is a brown tabby with unique and beautiful markings on his sides and bright, brilliant green eyes. He was left behind when his original owners moved from their apartment and ended up in a rural shelter in West Virginia. Although a bit shy when you first meet him, Cowboy is one cool cat! He loves people and longs for attention. He calls out for his foster mom with a cute, high pitched and sometimes silent meow.

Cowboy does not particularly enjoy the arial maneuvers of being picked up, but snuggles right up next to his foster Mom when they are just chilling or sleeping. He shows his happiness of proximity by displaying an swishy tail that always seems to be in motion. Being an adult cat, Cowboy is good with relaxing a lot of the day by himself and he would make a fine apartment kitty; although, he does also enjoy times of play throughout the day or "Round Midnight" and is fond of chasing a tassle on a stick. Cowboy is a fan of catnip and is happy hanging out in and using his cardboard scratching tunnel. He is gentle on furniture and not inclined to jump up on things too much. Cowboy tends to be a bit of an alpha cat and therefore, is probably best as an only kitty, however, he is just fine with dogs.

Cowboy tested negative for FIV/Feline Leukemia. He is neutered and up to date with shots. If you are interested in "bee bopping" on over and meeting Cowboy, please contact


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