To meet Kimmie,

Kimmie showed up one night, eating frantically from food left out for a few feral cats that frequent the neighborhood. The rescuer could see she was a young cat and unlike the feral cats, did not have her ear tipped.

She was trapped a few days later, thankfully, and taken to the vet, where she was found to be spayed, but no microchip or collar. She was reported to the local animal shelter as a found cat with photos, but no response from an owner. It is not unlike people, when they move at the end of the month, to leave a cat behind to fend for itself when they can't or won't take it with them.

Kimmie, has received her rabies and distemper shots, and is negative for feluk/fiv and is now microchipped.

She is a very sweet and loving cat and we hope someone will see the beauty in her, and not be swayed because her left ear is tipped. Watch her little video and see for yourself how lovely she is.

We have gradually acclimated her to being out and around other cats. She is used to occasional barking dogs too, and she is still as lovely as ever. Kimmie, is also a gentle young cat.

If you are interested in meeting Kimmie, please contact

Kimmie Kimmie Kimmie

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