To meet Ozzy,

Guest Cat

Ozzy and Sharon were found abandoned by a kind lady on a rural road in Southeastern Va. She took them to her vet and had them spayed/neutered, vaccines, and all medical done. She then brought them to our shelter in hopes of finding them a home.

Ozzy is really outgoing and a very friendly lap cat. He is most adventurous! His sister Sharon is shy and sweet. Ozzy gives her the confidence she needs and she totally relies on Ozzy. He also does all the talking for both of them!! Sharon's trust is growing quickly and she is much more outgoing since her arrival. Ozzy and Sharon are a bonded pair and these two very special cats need a home where they can stay together!

If you would like to meet Ozzy, please contact paw_cats@yahoo.com.

Ozzy Ozzy

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PAW needs foster homes for cats. For information on how you can make a difference,
please contact us at paw_cats@yahoo.com.

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