To meet Tiger,

Guest Cat

Tiger has been frequenting our deck. When he comes by, he is hungry but mostly wants attention, he rubs against my husband's legs and meows at me as if he is saying please let me come inside. He eats and then likes to sleep on our deck chair. He really is a sweet kittie and very handsome.... I feel that he belongs to someone or someone left him in the area and took off. I would take him in, but we recently adopted another female kittie named Marilyn and cannot take in another stray at this time.

Tiger is a handsome black and grey striped male cat. He is thin, but appears healthy. Tiger is very friendly with humans and craves attention. Please contact paw_cats@yahoo.com if you are interested in giving Tiger a loving forever home.


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PAW needs foster homes for cats. For information on how you can make a difference,
please contact us at paw_cats@yahoo.com.

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