10:32 am   
July 25, 2006

A sad note that today Cobe passed away. After having the liver biopsy and enough fluid removed from his abdomen to make him weigh 22 lbs lighter, he did not recover from the anesthetics used and went into shock. The doctor said he would have died overnight if I had not brought him to the emergency.

She offered all the means to save him, but they could hardly get a pulse, blood pressure and barely hear his heart among many other things. After I decided to put him to sleep, she agreed that was best, because of the failing liver and the degree that it was failing. Well, he was a happy boy going in to the vet today and I guess compared to some diseases, he didn't suffer, I hope, very long and I was with him most of the time and at the end.

He was a very sweet and happy boy and I really loved him. I'm going to call Heavenly Days tomorrow and ask them to pick him up. I left his purple scarf on because he looked so peaceful and pretty, finally, lying there. I have so many pictures of him, so I will always have that too. Thanks for your help.

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