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[BANDIT ] Bandit came to us with his friend (maybe brother) Remy, and although they enjoy playing and wrestling together and are great friends, we think they will do fine separately or with other dogs.

[BANDIT ] Bandit is a sweet, friendly, lively puppy. He loves to run and play, give kisses, get up to mischief - all normal things that puppies do. He is not formally housetrained but if allowed out frequently he prefers to do his business outside, so he has all the right instincts - just needs a little more work to get there. Being a puppy he does move things around (his bed, pillows, shoes, and, yes, will occasionally chew on them a bit, so needs some supervision. But he is smart, eager to learn, and loving and will be well worth the early effort to teach him good house manners and help him to be the perfect companion.


Bandit will need plenty of exercise - either a fenced yard to play in or playdates with other dogs in a fenced area - to burn off his puppy energy. He will also enjoy walking, hiking or running with his person - this is not a couch potato dog! [BANDIT ] If you are interested in meeting Bandit, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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Last updated 4 April 2017