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[BENJI ] Benji is very affectionate, house-trained, loves people, and enjoys playing with other dogs. In fact, he would do best in a home with another playful dog, so he can burn off energy and have some companionship when his people are away.

[BENJI ] Benji has been living with a trainer for a while, to help him work through some issues that resulted from his difficult early life (Benji was either continually caged or chained up as a young puppy). However, now he is ready for us to begin the search for the perfect forever home for this wonderful young pup.
Benji's past has left him with "confinement issues" - he finds being locked in a crate extremely stressful. If he needs to be confined, he requires a very large crate and a raised bed.

[BENJI ] Benji's only other issue is that he is super-agile and can climb almost any fence with ease - and he does. If his new home has a fenced yard, it needs to be a high fence and he should not be left alone outside until he has been trained not to climb it. We will consider homes with no yard if there are lots of other safe opportunities for exercise and play.
Once Benji has bonded with his new family and settled in, this smart, playful pup is going to be a wonderful companion.He will just need patience and understanding in the early weeks. The trainer will provide plenty of advice on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in meeting Benji, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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Last updated 29 August 2016