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[BROOKE ] Beautiful sweet Brooke was dumped at the shelter by her "family". She has quite a bit of spunk, and really wants to share affection and attention with people and other dogs. We are still getting to know Brooke and will update her information as soon as we can. In the meantime, come meet this lovely girl at an adoption show. She promises to be your best friend.

[BROOKE ] Brooke recently spent a weekend with two of our volunteers and here is what they shared about Brooke:

"It's going to be SO hard to drop off Brooke today! She is a sweet and smart girl who is eager to please and loves being with her humans. A good game of tug of war with a rope bone helps burn off some puppy-like energy and her favorite toys can also be used to redirect her attention from wanting to chew less desirable items.

Brooke knows basic obedience commands and has the capacity to learn all sorts of new things with a consistent and caring pet parent. We also learned that she is indeed house broken, at least while supervised, and we had zero accidents! Overall an energetic lady, she enjoyed some snuggles on the couch and was happy to sleep through the night with her people. And she wants to be friends with kitties! She even brought over toys and dropped them to the kitties hoping they would play with her (they were unamused, but it's a language barrier).

It's our opinion that Brooke would be fine in an active household with or without other animals and children aged late elementary school and up that are confident around dogs. She will still jump up sometimes when excited, so we wouldn't want anyone to get scared or knocked down! She would do best with a yard but enjoys long brisk walks as well. She's wonderful and we wish she could stay with us or another foster longer, but hopefully she'll be with her forever family soon!



If you are interested in meeting Brooke or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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