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[CAPTAIN JACK ] When Jack came to PAW we did not know how he lost his eye, but now we do, though we don.t understand how anyone could do something so horrific. Jack was shot in the head. The bullet went right through his left eye, hit his jaw, fracturing a tooth, and then embedded itself in his neck. In excruciating pain, Jack ran from his home, finally collapsing on a neighbor's back porch. The neighbor, a good Samaritan, called animal control whose officer rushed Jack to the animal hospital. Jack lost the eye, eventually lost the tooth, and the bullet in his neck became seriously infected. That has now been found and removed by the PAW vets.

[CAPTAIN JACK ] Between the loving care of the local SPCA and his PAW foster family, Jack has now completely regained his health. "It is the most amazing thing," said his foster mom, "despite his terrible experience, Jack is still the most gentle, sweet, trusting dog you could imagine. He craves human attention, and especially human contact, and takes turns snuggling with the entire family, including our 3-year-old son."

[CAPTAIN JACK ] Jack is a gorgeous representative of his breed, his handsomeness only exceeded by his amazing temperament. And now he just needs a caring forever family to shower him with love, and continue to show him that life can be good. Won't you give Jack his chance at the wonderful life he so much deserves?

[CAPTAIN JACK ] If you are interested in meeting Captain Jack, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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