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Adoptable Dogs
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Name Photo Breed Color Sex Age Size Notes
Apollo X lab blk Male/N 3 yr 75 lb enthusiastic
Bambi X terr wht/crm Female/S 3 yr 15 lb adorable girl
Bella X yorkie tan/grey/wht Female/S 1 1/2 yr 6 lb sweet, playful
BO X beag wht/tan Male/N 2 yr 28 lb playful, energetic
BUCK X hound tri Male/N 5 yr 70 lb sweet gent UPDATED
Butterscotch X eng coonhnd wht/brn Female/S 7 mo 35 lb outgoing, playful
CARTER X hound wht/brn Male/N 8 mo 34 lb sweet
Cashew X beag tan Male/N 7 yr 27 lb soulful eyes UPDATED
Chance X shep brn/wht Male/N 8 yr 48 lb ADOPTED
CHLOE X boxer brindle Female/S 5 yr 55 lb ADOPTED
DORI labradoodle tan Female/S 4 yr 50 lb gentle, affectionate
FRED eng coonhound tan/wht Male/N 5 yr 61 lb sweet & gentle
HOPE X boxer/CC brindle Female/S 1 1/2 yr 58 lb shy sweetie
Jewel X lab black Female/S 4 yr 50 lb sweet & smart
KIEFER X pit brown Male/N 1 yr 45 lb energetic cuddler
Landon X spaniel brn/brndl Male/N 2 yr 35 lb ADOPTED
LAYLA X hound blk/tan Female/S 5 yr 47 lb ADOPTED
Nick X lab brn/brndle/wht Male/N 3 yr 40 lb eager to please UPDATED
Paddy X amer bulldog wht/brn Male/N 1 yr 56 lb happy boy UPDATED
PANDORA X wht/brn Female/S 6 mo 30 lb cute, petite
Peggy Sue X aus shep blk/brn/wht Female/S 4 yr 76 lb ADOPTED
PETER X gold retrvr tan Male/N 6 mo 21 lb ADOPTED
Ranger X shep black/brndl Male/N 5 yr 52 lb starting over
Rascal X germn shrthr pntr black/white Male/N 2 yr 55 lb loyal and loving
Raven X lab blk Female/S 2 yr 35 lb ADOPTED
Rocket Amer Staff brindle Male/N 4 yr 82 lb loves to romp
SKYLER X irish wlfhnd wht Female/S 11 mo 51 lb Energetic gal
Star X shep tan/wht/grey Female/S 3 yr 39 lb shining star
Snickers X beag choc/tan Male/N 4 yr 24 lb sweet as candy
SNOOPY X beag blk/wht Male/N 3 yr 19 lb eager and energetic
Tammy X lab black Female/S 2 yr 35 lb ADOPTED
TEAGAN X shep/mt dog brindle Male/N 1 yr 45 lb smart and loyal UPDATED
Toffee X terr tan Male/N 7 yr 20 lb champion cuddler UPDATED
TRITON X lab/pointer blk/brn Male/N 6 yr 56 lb looking for love
TRIXIE X lab wht/brn Female/S 1 1/2 yr 45 lb ADOPTED
VAL redbone coonhound red/brn Male/N 4 yr 58 lb curious and friendly
WAYNE X hound wht/brn Male/N 8 mo 32 lb sweet
Ziggy X hound wht/brn Male/N 1 yr 40 lb energetic cutie

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PAW Dog Adoptions Coordinator:
e-mail: pawdogs@yahoo.com
Last updated 23 May 2018 ALB