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[KATIE ] Katie really is a joy to be with, because everything is wonderful to her. New people to meet - yippeee! A new dog to greet - great! A new place to be - fantastic! Her tail never stops wagging. Cuddle her and you will be covered with doggie kisses. [KATIE ]

How sad then that her first owner tied a logging chain round her neck, gave her a 55-gallon oil drum for shelter and left her outside through hot summers and freezing winters. Warned by Animal Control that they must improve conditions for her, the owners put her in a 'dark room' and seem to have forgotten to feed her since she lost a lot of weight. Animal Control finally confiscated her and took her to the local shelter, where the staff loved her and rather overfed her so she is a little chubby at the moment. Now they have sent her to PAW and we are so happy that they did. [KATIE ] Katie has never experienced life in a normal, loving home, but her fosters say she fits in great and is a pleasure to have around the house: “Katie seems to be completely housetrained and has good house manners (doesn't go into trash cans, doesn't jump on the bed, and lies under the dining room table without begging during dinner). She is easy to walk but does pull when she sees other dogs. She really wants to meet and play with them.”

If you are interested in meeting Katie, or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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