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Rascal is a 1 yo German Shorthaired Pointer mix. After his family was evicted, Rascal and his "sister", Lola, found themselves at a high kill shelter. PAW met Lola first but heard that Rascal was having a hard time at the shelter. He was shy and shut down after the confusion of being left behind. PAW picked Rascal up a few days later and reunited him with Lola in a foster home. He is now a new dog! [RASCAL ]Rascal is shy at first but warms up quickly. He is clearly loyal to his family and loves people of all ages, especially children. He probably would be best in a home with older kids, since he weighs in at 55lbs. He has a medium amount of energy, which can be satisfied with play or walks. Rascal loves running in his foster family's fenced yard or wrestling with Lola. He gets along very well with all of his foster family small dogs and, of course, Lola.

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Rascal is very affectionate. He doesn.t always know his size and would love to crawl into your lap. He is also happy to sleep at your feet. He is housebroken but will need some basic leash training. He would love to be placed with his sister but could go separately to a home with other dogs. [RASCAL ]

If you are interested in meeting Rascal, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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