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[SADIE ] At serious risk of being euthanized, a rural shelter begged for help for the dogs in their control. Sadie was recommended to PAW as one of the dogs with the absolute best temperament. PAW agreed to take Sadie and we have found her to be the delight that the shelter said she would be. She is happy, calm, gentle and we have seen her do wonderfully with both young children and other dogs. She smiles when around human friends and will give you gentle licks as you get close. She has a gorgeous pattern of brown spots on her coat and her ears are velvety soft. Sadie is 4 years old and weighs 45 pounds



If you are interested in meeting Sadie, or for more information about her or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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Last updated 10 October 2017