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Sprite had a rotten start in life. Chained outside and semi-starved, he ended up at a rural shelter, emaciated and sick. But that is all history and Sprite is now happy, healthy, a good weight, and eager to start his new life. He is living with a foster family and they have only good things to say about him:

Sprite is a sweet boy who loves petting and attention (and giving occasional kisses) but he is not constantly seeking it and is comfortable on his own bed with a toy during quiet times. He sleeps through the night on his bed in our room and although he is ready to go out when we get up, he doesn't wake us in the morning.


He has not had a single accident in the house though we do take him out regularly. He is also comfortable in his crate when we leave him to runs errands. He has some puppy tendencies, such as chewing on his bed, but that can be stopped pretty readily by giving an appropriate chew toy. Because of his past, he is on the lookout for food at all times and is very food motivated, which is great for training. But he is also just eager to please!


He loves meeting new people and is fine with other dogs, approaching gently and not barking (even if being barked at). If a dog is aggressive, Sprite prefers to just walk away. He's also great in the car, sitting calmly in the backseat. Unfortunately, he is not good with cats.

Sprite is pretty good on the leash, with just some pulling and eagerness to go off course to check out interesting smells. But when we go jogging, he stays right by my side. I think he could become a great jogging partner. In fact, with a little more training, he is going to be a wonderful companion all round!

If you are interested in meeting Sprite, or for more information about him or any of the other wonderful PAW dogs, contact us at pawdogs@yahoo.com

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Last updated 23 February 2016