10:30 am   


Simon came to PAW under neglectful circumstances and he had needed PAW's help to learn to trust humans. It was a slow process that occurred in baby steps, starting with the progress he made with his foster mom Diane. He is now showing great improvements. He takes romps in the park, howls like a true hound dog when he's happy and sneaks onto the spare bed for a snooze when no one is looking. He is pals with the other family dog, even going so far as to sneak a bite of her food when she's not looking. He also takes the opportunity to sneak the cat's food when no one is looking. When he gets caught doing these things, he uses his sheepish hound face to his advantage and never gets in too much trouble. Although it was a long process, seeing Simon's accomplishments over the past year make it worth the effort and the wait for us. He is a very gentle dog who needed a chance to discover that humans (and stairs) were something that he didn't need to stay afraid of.

Loretta and Ryan Colvin (now PAW volunteers and fosters as well!)

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