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Helping a Dog Learn How to "Come" when Called

This week's Dog Tip addresses teaching a dog recall, two more transportation tips, and a question about insurance.

The command "Come" is one of the most important because it could one day save a dog's life. Here are some tips for helping a dog learn to come when called:

Following is a detailed program for teaching a dog to Come when called, courtesy of trainer/author Sarah Wilson. This comes from Sarah's excellent e-newsletter, "Good Owners, Great Pets" (www.greatpets.com): First you have to teach it. Then you have to practice it. THEN you can start to use it. Here's an article I have on the subject that incorporates a nice method I learned from a "Good Owners, Great Pets" reader: ----

More dog transporting tips:

In response to the Transporting Dog Tip from two weeks ago, Jeanne Dollinger emailed about her biggest worry, air bags. Pets can be injured by air bags, which is a reason why Jeanne does not allow her little dog to sit in the front seat (on her lap or otherwise). The back seat is a safer place.

For those not using a dog crate for travel and who lack a partition between front and back seats, Patti Thorne-Smaridge submitted the following tip that requires a short leash with a loop on the end. Secure the back seat middle seatbelt as tight as it will go (the adjustable strap type one, not one that is triggered by inertia). Slip the leash through the seatbelt and resecure it. If the leash is short enough to limit the dog to sitting up, lying down and turning around, it will probably be short enough to keep the dog from being thrown to the floor in the event of a sudden stop.

Even better than a leash and easier than using a crate in most cases: a harness. There are various dog car-harnesses available in many stores and on the web. Check them out.


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