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Moving Preparations for Dog Owners

By Robin Tierney

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The following information has been adapted from "Creating a Peaceable Kingdom: How to Live with More Than One Pet," by Cynthia D. Miller.

* Pre-Move Visit

* Avoid hectic rushing; begin packing early. Move your pets last.

* On moving day, place pets in a safe room for security and to minimize their stress. Clear the room of boxes and furniture so moving helpers don't have to enter.

* Another reason for a safe room: protective dogs may act aggressively to people entering the home and moving furniture. Even a friendly, calm dog can be nervous during the stressful period of a move.

* Set up the animal's favorite bed, dishes, toys, crate if the animal is used to being crated.

* Don't confine animals together unless they are used to being together. Use separate rooms if necessary.

* Place a sign on the door instructing "Do Not Open" to prevent someone from letting the pets loose.

* Take time with your pets each day during the moving period.

* You can also take your pet to a friend's or family member's house, or board the dog for the day.

Move-in Day

Rental Inspection Cautionary Notes About Newly Constructed and Remodeled Homes -----

Note: Last week's tip addressed preparing for personal emergencies. PAW volunteer Ginnie Maurer adds this helpful advice:

Pet owners using pet-sitters should have a plan of action understood by both parties. For example, the owner might arrange to call the pet-sitter by 6 p.m. to confirm that the owner is OK and plans to return by X:XX. The owner can assemble key pet records, photos of each pet, emergency contact info, etc. in a file that the pet-sitter knows how to access. If the pet-sitter doesn't hear from the owner by, say, the next morning, then the pet-sitter would know to take action (for example, returning to the owner's home to feed and walk the pets). Another tip: a relatively safe place to keep personal records is in the freezer.


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