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Removing Items from a Dog's Mouth

Adapted from the article, "Taking Food Away From Your Dog," by Dr. Katherine A. Houpt, VMD and Editor-in-Chief of DogWatch, a helpful newsletter from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.


It's important to teach your dog to allow you to remove food and other items from his mouth. By teaching a dog a submissive behavior such as this, you help establish yourself as leader in the relationship. This practice helps stop destructive behavior and also safeguards the dog, since dogs sometimes try to eat hazardous things such as chicken bones.

Practicing the following exercise will greatly reduce your chance of being bitten when you try to take a coveted item away from the dog. The exercise is also useful if you have a dog who has a tendency to guard items, which is a highly undesirable behavior.

The steps:

In essence, you are trading a good piece of food for an item that you don't want him to have.


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