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Dog Tip: Socially Conscious Gift-Giving

Dog Tip: Socially Conscious Gift-Giving

Planning to get married and want to add a creative, socially conscious element to the festivities? Trying to find a meaningful gift for a special person or couple? Making donations to worthy charities is the answer.

* JustGive's Charity Wedding Registry allows soon-to-be-married couples to create a list of non-profits that they would like to help. Wedding guests can then choose to go online and make a donation to one of the organizations in lieu of a traditional gift. www.justgive.org

* The I Do Foundation charitable gift and donation registries help couples donate to charity in lieu of wedding favors. In addition, when honeymoon trips are booked through its site, 5 percent of the package cost is donated to the couple's chosen charity.

* Married for Good offers smart suggestions for socially conscious weddings. www.marriedforgood.com

* Couples can donate favor money directly to charity in the name of each guest and indicate the donation on guest cards placed on the tables.

* Charities would all appreciate sharing in the bounty of cash given to couples as presents as well as during the money dances that are part of some weddings.

Ideas for helping people at the same time:

* Donate leftover food from receptions to a food bank.

* Donate leftover flowers to hospitals, nursing homes.

* Donate used bridesmaid dresses to a charity like Glass Slipper Project, which provides evening wear for disadvantaged high school girls to wear to their proms. www.glassslipperproject.org

Other ways to help animals:

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Now's a great time to read some of the books on our extensive and recently updated book list:


Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age by Karen London and Patricia McConnell. A clear, concise and economical booklet to use with dogs of any age and breed. www.dogsbestfriendtraining.com

The Urban Puppy Toolkit by Sydney Bleicher and Peggy van Dam. Includes poster detailing your puppy's development, booklets on training during the first 4 months, pocket-sized take-along booklets. Available through www.urbanpuppy.com

Flawed Dogs: The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton 'Last Chance' Dog Pound by Berkeley Breathed. Wonderfully illustrated, each character has his or her own funny and touching story to tell. Breathed encourages readers to visit their local animal shelters.


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