PAW Volunteers Attend TTouch Workshop
to Learn New Ways to Help Adoptable Animals

Pam demonstrates on PAW foster dog Shelby while PAW members look on

Pamela Wanveer, a certified Tellington Touch practitioner based in Silver Spring, led a special workshop in the TTouch technique for PAW cat and dog volunteers. Some attended with live animals; others brought stuffed animals on which to practice the techniques.

A few years ago, Pam sought an alternative to traditional, heavy-handed ways of working with dogs. That's when she discovered Tellington Touch, a technique developed by Linda Tellington-Jones for use in calming, healing and training animals. Linda started applying the techniques to horses, and since then, to other animals including dogs and cats.

Pam wuth PAW foster dog Simon
The TTouch uses a variety of non-habitual movements and manipulations to refocus the animal's attention, enabling the animal to respond to stimuli in new way. This serves to break the cycle of habitual responses such as automatically lunging at dogs who pass the yard.

Pam demonstrated techniques such as making full circles, in a conscious manner and logical path, around the animal's body using her finger tips. Areas included the ears, mouth and rump area, as well as other parts of the body. We saw PAW's Simon, a shy, apprehensive but sweet hound fostered by Diane Gordon, become calmer and more trusting as Pam applied the TTouch techniques. She started in areas in which the dog seemed more comfortable, then moved gently to areas the dog found more sensitive.

One thing accomplished by the TTouches is the release of endorphins, which is pleasing and calming to the animal. By helping animals sense environmental stimuli differently, we can help them develop new ways to respond to various environments and people; this affects their overall behavior. The TTouches help facilitate this in a unique, effective way. TTouch also gives us a new way to connect and communicate with our animals. As you apply the techniques to your dog or cat, your pet will guide to you to problem areas that you can then work with.

Pam also demonstrated the application of a light elastic body-wrap, another technique used to increase awareness of seldom-used neural pathways and facilitate new ways of responding.

Following the workshop, volunteer Annette Erbrecht used the TTouch technique, applying some mouth circles on her dog Kashi when she was barking at people outside. "After a short time she yawned and shook herself - it was amazing," said Annette. "I think it intensifies a sort of mutual awareness between owner and dog and improves the owner's intuitive responses to behavior."

If you are interested in attending a future workshop, please contact Robin at If you'd like a private session with Pam, or you have adopters and other pet owners who would benefit from this excellent training and health-inducing technique, you can reach Pam Wanveer at 301-585-5675.

For more information about the Tellington Touch and how it works, see: