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Sniffing Hopie
May 12, 2006

Despite a heart murmur and other somewhat minor infirmities, Pixel lived contentedly in foster care for a number of years. He was one of a kind, with his funny little gait (the pug dog in him?) and his tendency to bay at things (definitely the Beagle in him!).

Pixel was nothing if not a survivor. His tiny heart showed only slight deterioration over the five years since he was first diagnosed with a murmur; in fact, his latest echocard in March of 2006 showed, in true Pixel fashion, astonishingly little change from the year before. It seemed that nothing could get the little guy down. However, shortly after his heart check in March, his foster mom noticed blood in his urine, and an ultrasound showed Pixel had developed a mass in his bladder. His vet tried a course of chemotherapy designed to shrink or at least slow the growth of the tumor, and we hoped give Pixel a little more time in comfort, but after 2 months he only got worse. His foster mom reluctantly decided on May 12, 2006, to have Pixel humanely put down. Pixel was a quirky, brave and thoroughly engaging little fellow and his passing is deeply felt by his foster mom and everyone who loved him.

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