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Baltimore Kittens!

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Ten little kittens all came to us from a location in Baltimore where a family was trying to rescue all the neighborhood stray cats. Not an easy job! The kittens nearly all had infected eyes and needed medical attention, which we were happy to provide. Then we discovered that they had all been exposed to feline leukemia, and 5 of the 10 were already testing positive for the disease. They would need to be quarantined so that the often fatal disease would not be passed on to any other cats. (All 10 eventually tested positive for feline leukemia.)

We are determined that these sweet little kittens - just as playful, snuggly, and cute as any kittens around - should get the best care we can give them. They've all had their shots, deworming, and treatment for the eye infection. They are getting the best kitten food and are putting on weight and growing like weeds. They have a big room of their own with kitty furniture to climb, kitty hammocks to relax on, and a few million toy mice and balls to play with. They also have each other, and they all delight in playing nearly continuous kitten games. You would hardly guess that they are sick.

Feline leukemia is a disease that primarily affects the cat's immune system. It is spread when an infected cat licks another cat or shares food and water bowls. There is a vaccine to help protect cats, but stray cats have rarely received much vet care. Some of the kittens probably caught the disease from their infected mother, and passed it on to the other kittens. We don't know for sure what their chances are. Among adult cats, about 1/3 are able to completely overcome the disease and get well. Another 1/3 succumb and die. Another 1/3 carry the virus and don't get very sick, but are carriers who can infect other cats.

We are hoping that with the best of care, some of these little kittens will make it. Five - Subaru, Isuzu, Lincoln, Saab, and Honda - have already passed away. The rest have recently celebrated their first birthday! It is a heartbreaking situation, but you can help by Virtually Adopting these little darlings. Your donation will help pay for medicines (they get colds often due to the weakened immune system), blood tests, and any other medical care they might need. We'll provide the warm, secure home, lots of love and snuggles, plenty of toys, and companionship. We estimate that their medical needs cost about $40 per month.

Check out the kittens' baby pictures to see how your sponsorships have helped!

Honda was the most beautiful gal.
She passed away on June 14.

Pontiac poses for his picture.

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