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Can't Adopt Every One?
Virtually Adopt a Pet!

Sponsor a special needs animal so that he or she can have a lifelong home with PAW!
At the Partnership for Animal Welfare, we treat our foster dogs and cats like our own family pets. So when a fostered animal develops a chronic illness or disability, we do not euthanize the animal, even when faced with high medical bills. As long as the dog or cat is not in pain and can still enjoy life, PAW will provide ongoing medical care.

A commitment of the heart
This commitment comes with a cost. While our foster caregivers are all volunteers, the medical care is financed from our nonprofit group's limited funds - which are needed for vet exams, vaccinations, medications and spay/neuter for the dogs and cats we take into PAW. Donations play a key role in how many animals we can rescue each year. As a result, we are seeking sponsors for some PAW animals whose time is short or who have little chance of finding a special-needs home. Having been mistreated and abandoned in their past lives, they would love to live out their days with the PAW volunteers who have opened their hearts and homes to them.

Become a Sponsor - and "Virtually Adopt" an animal in need
As a sponsor, you would send a monthly, quarterly, annual or even one-time gift to help pay for the chosen animal's medication and vet care. In return, you'll receive photos, updates about your sponsored pet and a beautiful Virtual Adoption Certificate.

A Virtual Adoption also makes a wonderful gift for someone you know!
Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member who loves animals but can't adopt one at this time? Give that special person a unique gift - a PAW Virtual Adoption. We will send the Certificate, photos and updates with a note about the gift sponsorship you have donated in their name.

Meet our special-needs pets looking for sponsors
Here are some of our most special sweeties. When you choose a pet to sponsor, you can give the suggested amount, or any amount that fits your budget. Whichever you choose, your donations are tax-deductible.

Sign up now to be a Sponsor
For more information call 301-572-4PAW and leave a message about "Virtual Adoptions." To become a sponsor, please complete the Virtual Adoption Form and send with your donation to Partnership for Animal Welfare, Attn: Virtual Adoptions, P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768.

Read the news
Check out the Virtual Adoption News to learn how some of our special needs animals are doing.



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