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[ELSA] Elsa first came to PAW in 2009 and has since been adopted twice - sadly, neither situation worked out for her and she is back with us again and ,due to her medical issues and age, will be remaining in our care for the rest of her life.



[ELSA] So, instead of preparing Elsa for a new life in her forever home, we will keep her with us. With PAW's (and your) generosity, she will receive all of the veterinary care she needs to live in comfort and safety for as long as she is loving life. You can make a donation to care for Elsa by check, payable to PAW and mail to: PAW, Elsa Fund, PO Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768 or online with a credit card noting Elsa in the comment section at: http://www.paw-rescue.org/donate_online.html. We are grateful for the donation.

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