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How You Can Help

The Partnership for Animal Welfare is an officially recognized non-profit organization which is funded through donations and adoption fees. Donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to help, you can do so by donating money, earmarking your charitable donations to PAW, helping with some of our fundraising activities, or donating food, blankets and other supplies.

Of the money donated to PAW, the majority is spent on veterinary care and other costs that directly benefit the animals. Thanks to these donations, we are able to find permanent, loving homes for our animals. You can help by donating to pay for a spay, a rabies vaccination, or whatever you can afford. We have several dogs and cats receiving extensive treatment for various medical problems, in addition to the usual veterinary exams and medications that all our rescued animals receive. We rely on your donations to help us help them. Please consider sending us a donation today.

Donations online or by mail, sponsor a special needs animal, get a Md spay/neuter license plate, name a pet, visit our online store, buy magazines or books to earn money for PAW, and more.

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