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PAW Partners for Life!

Is your business, community or youth group
thinking of "adopting a charity?"
Become a PAW Partner!

Participating in "adopt-a-charity" projects is a great way to build team spirit and make the world a better place.

As an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, PAW offers a rewarding way to "give back" to your community while helping animals in need.

PAW rescues dogs and cats from situations of abuse and neglect, and saves those on "death row" at local shelters. We treat their illnesses, give them vaccinations, spay and neuter so they don't contribute more to the tragically huge homeless pet population, and foster them in our homes until the best permanent homes are found.

Our volunteers donate as much time as they can to their choice of vital activities - transporting animals to vets and adoption shows...raising money to cover our high monthly medical bills...and fostering the animals in our homes.

There are many ways your group can assist PAW and encourage others to   Adopt for Life!


  • Encourage friends and colleagues to designate PAW for United Way #8156...CFC/National Capital Area #8156... CFC/Central Maryland/Baltimore #9695...or Maryland Charity Campaign #0184.
  • Organize a fund-raiser within your organization or school, anything from an auction to a raffle to a car-wash to creative efforts that tie in with your own service or project. See one great example!
  • Plan a "gift-giving" effort -- consider having guests donate to PAW or another group in honor of an individual's accomplishments, a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday or other special occasion!
  • Arrange a garage or estate sale that benefits PAW.
  • Run a concession stand at a sports/entertainment event with proceeds going to PAW.
  • Find pet professionals who can benefit from sponsoring an ad in the PAW Dog Care Guide or Cat Care Guide.
  • Virtual Adoptions: sponsor medical work for a needy animal requiring major surgery or intensive care...or a finance a "special needs" fund for a specific area such as heartworm treatment. For details about Virtual Adoptions, click Virtual Adoptions..

Publicity and Education

  • Display posters and use message boards to recruit new supporters, volunteers and foster caregivers.
  • Help print/duplicate copies of brochures and other materials that promote ways to reduce the tragedy of pet overpopulation.
  • Join in our new RPO/Responsible Pet Ownership education effort.

PAW Events

  • Adoption fairs: Help by promoting animal adoption events and/or transporting and holding dogs and cats.
  • Helping at PAW fundraising events.
  • Helping at PAW tables at community and business fairs.

Become a PAW Partner!
Contact Robin Tierney at tierneydog@yahoo.com

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