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RPO Education Program and Presentations

Adopt for Life!

To teach people of all ages to treat companion animals in a kind, responsible manner, PAW has developed RPO. This interactive program focuses on Responsible Pet Ownership - and encourages pet owners to work through challenges so they can keep their companion animals for life. Our volunteers offer RPO presentations free of charge.

RPO teaches responsibility for pets, animal safety, and respect for life. And humane education is more important than ever in light of the connection between animal abuse and violence towards humans:

  • Violent offenders typically have childhood histories of animal cruelty.
  • In two-thirds of families with reported child abuse, there were incidences of animal cruelty.
  • Children who hurt animals often are involved in bullying, vandalism, arson and brutality.
  • Young people who are cruel to animals are more likely to become aggressive toward humans as they grow older.

Educating children about respect for people and animals can foster self-esteem. In addition, educating people of all ages is the key to reversing the tragedy of abandoned and abused animals.

Finding Solutions

As a result of our society's failure to responsibly care for companion animals, a shocking number of dogs and cats are abandoned and euthanized at area shelters every year. In addition to the social costs of killing so many living beings, there is a huge financial burden on taxpayers. Ironically, spaying and neutering companion animals would cost far less than disposing of the abandoned ones.

Enjoy a Free Presentation

PAW volunteers are committed to helping people develop more humane, responsible attitudes. We would be happy to bring our gentle canine and feline assistants and present an RPO session for your group. Just contact dogs@paw-rescue.org.

RPO Mission:

Help people develop greater respect for life and responsible attitudes about companion animals.


Learn what makes someone a responsible pet owner.
Gain awareness of animal overpopulation, and the need to spay/neuter.
Convey understanding that dogs and cats need to be taught good behavior.
Help pet owners solve problems so they can keep their animals.
Encourage respect for living beings - animals are not disposable.
Teach children how to respond to unfamiliar animals.


Scout Troops
Community Groups
Civic Organizations
Government offices

To request that PAW present an RPO program to your class or organization, contact dogs@paw-rescue.org.

The Value of Humane Education

In 1903 the National Conference of the PTA issued a statement that holds true today: "Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations with each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding, in every way more valuable citizens."

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