RPO Birthday Party!

Marissa and friends

It was a very special Responsible Pet Owners presentation in Bowie on September 30 - at a birthday party! Marissa Jackson turned 12. Each year Marissa chooses a charitable cause as part of the focus of her parties, and this year, she chose PAW. We worked with Marissa and her mom Vanessa to arrange a food donation to the Prince George's County animal shelter, and they also arranged for a generous donation to PAW. Robin Tierney gave a presentation about Responsible Pet Ownership and PAW's efforts to help homeless animals, assisted by Maria Ruth, Susan Flashman, Dick Bissell and Angela Chamberlin. Angela brought several cats - Lila, Madame Pompadour, and Foxfire - and Susan and Robin brought PAW dogs Blaise, Tucker, Brady (Tucker and Brady have since been adopted!), and Robin's adopted dog, Zack.

Angela's PAW kitty Lila finds a friend

Maria with PAW dog Blaise

Maria tells Blaise's sad story

Susan and Tucker (or is it Brady?) "shake hands"

Meeting Zack

One happy birthday girl!

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