PAW Board Descriptions


Disclaimer: Position descriptions are not part of the bylaws or policy manual of PAW.


President (Board member, elected position)

President – This is a position of overview, philosophy, and control. The President represents PAW to the general public and is the “figurehead” for the organization. The President ensures the smooth running of the Board; handles staffing issues that cannot or should not be handled at the committee level; addresses emerging problems that threaten PAW’s ability to carry out its mission; oversees the associations PAW makes with other organizations; and reviews each issue of the quarterly PAW Shakes newsletter prior to publication. The President can call together a committee to serve the purpose of delegating some of the responsibilities that fall under his or her leadership. This position requires strong leadership skills, motivation, good judgment, effective communication skills, and the ability to anticipate and address problems.


Vice President (Board member, elected position)

Vice President – The Vice President is the visionary of the group. This person is free to set up a committee that can seek out new and dynamic ways to market the animals, make connections with other organization around the region, and make sure that Board and volunteers are working together to meet the mission of the organization. This position requires enthusiasm for PAW’s mission, motivation, creativity, and effective communication skills.


The Vice President oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Liaison with Fellow Humane/Rescue Groups


Secretary (Board member, elected position)

Secretary – The Secretary is an active conduit for communication between the Board members and the organization’s volunteers. As a member of the Board, the Secretary coordinates the Board meetings, prepares and distributes Board meeting agendas and minutes, and publishes the PAW This Week newsletter, capturing activities within the organization each week.


Activities of this position include, but are not limited to: compiling monthly Board meeting agendas; recording notes of monthly Board meetings; distributing Board meeting minutes to Board members; preparing and issuing PAW THIS WEEK (PTW); maintaining the Event and Fundraising web pages; updating animals attending weekly adoption events on the Event Calendar; archiving current versions of PAW This Week, PAW This Month, and PAW Shakes; monitoring Secretary, Board, and PTW e-mail accounts; and distributing PTW and other general messages via e-mail to all active volunteers.


This position requires effective communication and organizational skills, as well as attention to detail.


The Secretary oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • PAW THIS WEEK Editor and Distributor
  • Phone Line Monitors (shares oversight with Dog and Cat Coordinators)


Treasurer (Board member, elected position)

Treasurer –

The Treasurer ensures the finances are in order for the organization. As the Treasurer, they ensure that deposits are made, bills are paid on time, and all IRS and State-required tax reports are filed properly. He or she prepares PAW’s financial statements and keeps the financial records and books up to date (or oversees these functions). They maintain close contact with the Fundraising Chairperson regarding revenue and monitors the organizations bills (i.e. boarding and medical bills).


The Treasurer keeps the list of all PAW financial donors, insures that donation notifications are sent to all donors in a timely manner, shares the latest donor list with the PAW Shakes newsletter mailing coordinator, and completes annual workplace payroll campaign applications.


This position requires advanced accounting and financial-planning skills and experience, attention to detail, and effective communication skills.


The Treasurer oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Accountant (CPA)
  • Donor List Administrator
  • Tax Receipts Administrator
  • Thank-you Note Administrator
  • Insurance Issues Advisor
  • Legal Language Advisor


Five at-large (elected) Board positions:


Cat Coordinator

The Cat Coordinator oversees all matters relating to the intake, housing, health, and marketing of our current PAW adoptive cats. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining weekly contact with all the cat volunteers
  • Identifying cats to intake into PAW and arranging boarding and fostering for these cats
  • Arranging transportation for cats to shows, as needed
  • Managing the relationship between PAW and show locations
  • Managing the relationship between PAW and partner rescue organizations
  • Organizing adoption shows
  • Troubleshooting difficult adoptions and foster issues
  • Writing copy and obtaining photos for our cats for the website
  • Working with the Outreach coordinator to promote adoptable cats on Facebook
  • Approving medical care for cats
  • Reporting progress and problems to the Board
  • Recruiting new volunteers including fosters, show workers and transporters
  • Responding to email and phone messages from the public, as needed


Dog Coordinator

The Dog Coordinator heads up a committee that handles all matters relating to the intake, housing, health, and marketing of our current PAW adoptive dogs, including but not limited to: maintaining weekly contact with all the dog volunteers, identifying dogs that come into the program and arranging boarding and fostering for these dogs as available, arranging rides and handlers for the shows, troubleshooting difficult adoptions and foster issues, approving medical care for dogs, delegating dog-related activities to members of the dog group, reporting progress and problems to the Board, and maintaining the archives of signed dog adoption contracts, applications, and medical records for PAW dogs.


The Dog Coordinator oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Dog Foster Advisor/Coordinator
  • Dog Intake Coordinator
  • Dog Applications Coordinator/Administrator
  • Dog-Show Ride Coordinator
  • Dog Medical Coordinator and Record Administrator
  • Dog Database Administrator
  • Dog Email Monitors (shares oversight with Secretary)
  • Dog Phone Line Monitors (shares oversight with Secretary)
  • Dog Foster Mentors


Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Chairperson coordinates all the events that bring in revenue. He or she coordinates current fundraising activities such as yard sales, raffles, and other events; pursues grant applications; researches and develops new fundraising opportunities; prepares donor appeal letters; and reaches out to the media where appropriate to appeal for community support of PAW. Works closely with other Board members in determining appropriate fundraising activities within PAW’s mission. Ensures that event proceeds are forwarded to PAW Treasurer promptly.


This position requires motivation, creativity, excellent communication skills, research skills, and the charisma to get potential donors interested in supporting PAW.


The Fundraising Chairperson oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Concession stands (BaySox and others)
  • Yard Sales
  • T-shirt Orders and Sales Coordinator
  • Corporate Sponsors/Business Liaisons development
  • Adoption Kit advertisement sponsors
  • Internet promotions/
  • Virtual Adoptions/Pet Sponsorships Coordinator
  • United Way Campaign
  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • Maryland Charities Campaign
  • Grants
  • Coordinating speakers for fundraising appeals


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is a wide-ranging resource for new and experienced volunteers and fosters, especially volunteers who help at shows. The Volunteer Coordinator insures that new volunteers (including volunteers who also foster) are oriented to PAW policies, receive PAW instructional guides, and have read and completed PAW legal forms. Responsible for updating the Volunteer Database and keeping a record of all signed Volunteer forms in the Volunteer database.


The Volunteer Coordinator spearheads volunteer recruiting efforts, develops, and manages innovative volunteer opportunities.


This position requires excellent people skills (dealing with volunteers’ concerns and questions on a one-to-one basis), including the ability to educate and mentor, communicate, and follow through on individual volunteer concerns.


The Volunteer Coordinator oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Recruits Show Set-up Volunteers
  • Spearheads foster recruiting efforts
  • New-volunteer Buddy Coordinator
  • Dog Album/Notebook
  • Dog Buddy Program Coordinator
  • Recruiting/scheduling/coordination of show information table staff and floaters
  • Dog-show Volunteer Coordinator (works with Dog-Ride Coordinator)


Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator works closely with other Board members in determining appropriate Outreach activities within PAW’s mission. Education and advocacy work is closely connected with publicizing PAW’s presence in the community; in this capacity, Outreach Coordinator contacts the media and acts as a spokesperson for PAW.


The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for all social media postings (Facebook and Instagram), including, but not limited to, posting an available dog/cat twice a day, outlining upcoming events on social media, promoting community events, the preparation/distribution of any and all urgent pleas (both on social media and via email through Giving Grid), monthly PTM e-newsletter and posting same on social media, communicating with community through social media messaging. They are also responsible for scheduling, recruiting volunteers, and staffing PAW’s participation in community events and presentations at adoption shows, schools, and other venues.


This position requires excellent research and communication skills, attention to detail, and the drive to follow through on initiatives.


The Outreach Coordinator oversees the following non-elected positions, projects, and functions:

  • Festival/parade/publicity event Coordinator
  • Appeal Letters/PAW Shakes inserts
  • Community Relations
  • PAW Shakes Newsletter Editor
  • Media Contacts/Publicity
  • PAW List Server Administrator
  • PAW Website Administrators
  • Dog Adoption Follow-Up/Customer Service Coordinator
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Presentation Planner/Coordinator