Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by PAW volunteers.


1. My neighbor/coworker/family found a dog/cat. How can I get the animal into the PAW program?

The dog and cat coordinators (see PAW Board) oversee which animals are brought into the program, so please contact them. If you or your friend would like to foster the animal, this will help since we always have a shortage of foster homes.


2. Can you email/fax/give me various forms?

Forms are available at the adoption shows. Please ask at the PAW table. We also have versions of most of the forms here on the web site so that they can be printed out or downloaded.


3. Where can a prospective applicant or I fax something?

PAW’s fax number is 888-762-7654. Please tell the person who is faxing to clearly indicate who the fax is for so it can be directed to them.


4. How do I get medicines, including Heart Worm pills and worm meds, for my foster animal?

The Medical Coordinator oversees this (see PAW Medical Support). We keep our own supply of certain medications such as heartworm pills, dewormer, and distemper vaccines, and some volunteers are trained to give shots. Check with the dog Medical Coordinator or the cat Medical Coordinator as appropriate for these. Often they can be dispensed at shows.


5. How do I get in touch with various volunteer’s names?

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator ( to request the information. Please note that this is confidential information – do not give out members’ addresses or phone numbers to non-PAW members.


6. How do I find out where a particular animal is?

The dog and cat coordinators (see PAW Board) track where each animal is fostered or kenneled.


7. Where is the next show?

The shows are posted on the event calendar on the website.


8. I have a friend who might like to volunteer and/or foster. How do I sign them up?

If they are interested in volunteering, have them contact the Volunteer Coordinator ( to sign up for a Volunteer Orientation. If they are interested in fostering, have them read about fostering on our website ( and then contact the Dog Coordinator or Cat Coordinator as appropriate.


9. What should I do if an applicant at a show asks me if the dog/cat already has any applications?

Please let them know that it is best to assume that the animal has or will get other applications. Even if none are logged in at the time, there may be pending applications from other sources or another show. PAW carefully reviews all of the applications we receive. However, we seek the home that we feel is suited to the individual animal, so not all applications are pursued.


You may need to let them know that we accept multiple applications because many folks change their minds or decide to adopt a different animal.