Finding a New Home

There are so many wonderful animals in need that we would like to help, but often PAW cannot assist you in the placement of your pet or the stray you found. We are, after all, just a network of volunteers who rescue and care for animals in our homes. But we can provide you with some useful information to hopefully give you some help.

Giving Up a Friend?

Information on how to alter some of the problems that have brought you to the decision to give up your animal and ways to prepare yourself and your animal for adoption. You might also want to read over our Dog Care Guide or Cat Care Guide.

Rescuing a Stray Animal

Some advice on what you can do to help out a stray.

Finding a Good Home for Your Pet

Step-by-step description of how to find a new home for your companion animal or stray, plus a sample adoption agreement.

Choosing a Rescue Group

How to find a reliable rescue group to help you find a new home for your dog or cat.

The Fostering Option

Information on how to foster a dog or cat through PAW or another rescue organization.

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