PAW Medical Support

Medical Coordinators:

  • PAW Medical Coordinator – Tracy Crotty
  • PAW Co-Medical Coordinator – Jodi Koehn-Pike
  • Dog medical records – Tracy Crotty
  • Cat Medical Coordinator – Heather Nawrocki
  • Cat Medical Records – Heather Nawrocki


PAW Vet and Boarding Information


PAW Vets and Vet Clinics

These vets regularly work with PAW. Note that all non-emergency vet work must be approved in advance. Please consult with the dog or cat coordinator or other appropriate contact.


Emergency Clinics

For an emergency after hours, here are the various clinics available. In case of a life threatening emergency, don’t wait for approval! However please contact your coordinator as soon as possible afterwards.


Kennels and Vets for Boarding through PAW

PAW boards animals at these kennels and vets, when approved.




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